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Commitments on kittens

  • Pricing
    Thank you for your interest in our Exotics. Sometimes there is a kittens available from one of those litters. When a litter is born at our cattery we take our time in watching the kittens develop and grow to determine their show potential. In most cases kittens are 8 to 16 weeks old before we start making any decisions about their quality or if they will be offered for sale as a companion pet. Each kitten is individually evaluated for quality and pedigree at the time of sale. "NO TWO KITTENS ARE EXACTLY ALIKE." Therefore, we cannot quote you a price on a kitten that hasn't been born yet or developed enough to be able to honestly evaluate it. Please note: We are NOT a commercial "for profit only " establishment. We sympathize with peoples financial situations, but if you are looking for a well bred kitten that will be your companion for 12-15 years you should think about investing in quality. We have not many litters a year and we spare no time, or expense to ensure that our kittens are healthy, well bred and well-socialized, and pre-trained. A lot of work, money, dedication and time goes into showing and breeding quality cats. I show and breed quality Exotics because it is my passion. I make every effort to ensure the health and quality of my kittens and to produce really a good representation of the breed.
  • We will ship, but not until a kitten is at least four months of age because all our kittens are fully vaccinated before leaving. I do guarantee that all our cats and kittens will be free of ringworm, internal and external parasites.
  • To reserve
    a kitten until it is ready to go home with you or to be shipped, we require a minimum of a 30% "NON-REFUNDABLE" deposit at the time you reserve it. Reserving a kitten means that we take it off the market and it's considered "SOLD" to you until it's old enough and totally ready to leave it's mama. All kittens mature at a different pace and ABSOLUTELY no kitten will leave until we feel it is physically and emotionally ready for his/her new home and environment. We want this transition to be a "PLEASANT" experience for both baby and the new human parents. Deposits will be considered payment for boarding, grooming and lost opportunities if the buyer changes their mind. Deposit is refundable if the kitten doesn't develop to the assessed quality... or at mutual will I can re-place the cat that you was waiting for by another at the same quality.
  • When we decides to place a cat or kitten in your home/cattery, whether it is a breeder or a show kitten, the said animal is for your breeding program only. All my kittens is not to be resold, leased, shared or gifted to anyone. If you buy our kitten, it means that you automatically agree with all items of our contract.
  • We would like to get to know anyone interested in purchasing one of our Exotics. Serious inquires need to fill our Inquiry form that can be emailed. First and foremost all our kittens are intended for breeders and a connoisseurs of breed. But sometimes we have kittens that can be sold as pets. Pet /Companions kittens are sold to loving homes who do not wish to breed or show. Will be sold with a spay/neuter contract with (non-breeding CFA registrations). Well socialized and trained. We also on occasion have adults available. Each companion cat is priced individually. PET PRICES $500-$700 depending on the traits, qualities & age. Sorry now we will ship only show or breeder quality kittens. Kittens are CFA registered and all have Certificate Of Individual Registration or Blue Slip.
  • Shipping
    Payment in Full is expected prior to Picking up your baby or Shipping it. Shipping charges will be added at buyers expense.The cost of a kitten and cost of shipping has to be paid completely 4 weeks before the departure of the kitten.
  • I reserve the right of refusal for the sale of any kitten pictured on this web-page at anytime without explanation.
  • Stud services are not available. We are a closed cattery.
  • Quality of kittens
    Have you ever wondered exactly what "show quality" means? What's the difference between a "show" kitten and a "top show" kitten? How is a show kitten different from a breeder/show kitten? Please read more about it >>
  • About requests for kittens/cats from other breeders
    The author is Carissa Altschul (Cacao cattery): "I need to rant for a minute. About requests for kittens/cats from other breeders. Typical request. "I want a TOP SHOW QUALITY kitten. It must have tiny round ears, big round eyes, perfect bite, perfect smooth full tophead, and no flaws." (begin sarcasm) REALLY? That's ALL you want? Wow, I mean, I just produce those kinds of cats by the DOZEN! (end sarcasm). Really people! Every cat has some sort of flaws! There are very very very few cats that are truly top show (and when I say top show, I mean NATIONAL WINNER quality). VERY VERY FEW. And most breeders, if we make a kitten that is that close to perfect, we are probably going to KEEP IT! So get REAL with your requests! Request a show quality kitten, but do not expect to get the perfect kitten. Accept that every cat will have some flaws. The goal of a breeding program is to minimise flaws... if we ever totally eliminated all flaws, what would be the point in breeding anymore? Every generation we strive to be produce healthier, happier, and more "perfect" cats. but we are not likely to ever reach "perfect." SO QUIT ASKING FOR A PERFECT CAT!!! I DON'T HAVE ANY!!!!! (end rant)"

Please contact by email for more information.
Thank you, Svetlana.