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Our region -Krasnodarsky krai


subject: Krasnodarsky krai
federal okrug: Southern
 economic region: Northern Caucasus
area: 76
population: 5 044 th.p.
 index of car numbers: 23

More about Krasnodarsky krai

In 2014 the Winter Olympic games will be held in our resort town Sochi, Krasnodar territory!


My lovely city Krasnodar


History of Krasnodar city counts more than two centuries. It started in 1793 from a small fortress founded by Cossacks, who were moved from Ukraine upon the order of Russian Empress Catherine the Great. Originally the fortress was called as Ekaterinodar (the gift of Catherine) but later, in 1920, this name was changed to Krasnodar (the red gift).

monument of Russian Empress Catherine the Great, Krasnodar

Krasnodar is a capital of Krasnodar region, one of the most picturesque places of our country. It has a very warm climate and, being close to the Black Sea , our region attracts a large number of tourists in both, to the seaside resorts, and in winter, to the ski-resorts. Krasnodar city is the administrative center (capital) of the Krasnodar Territory in the southern part of Russia . The Krasnodar Territory borders on Ukraine and Sea of Azov in the west, Black Sea and Georgia in the south, Rostov Region in the north, Stavropol Territory and Karachay-Cherkessia in the east. Another name of this territory is Kuban , same as that of the river which flows through the city.

It is a modern European town with 1 000 000 habitants . It is plenty of greenery, parks, nightclubs, shopping centers, European supermarkets and cyber-cafes. It also has 5 theaters , including a ballet theater where productions by the famous ballet-master of the Bolshoi Theater, Yuri Grigorovich , are performed.


Krasnodar is the Native land of the Kuban Cossack Army. In 1860 the Kuban Cossack army was formed of the Black Sea Cossack army and a part of the Caucasian linear Cossack army, in structure of 22 (later up to 27) shelfs, 3 horse groups , 13 pedestrian battalions and 5 batteries. The Kuban Cossack army participated in all wars which were conducted by Russia in 2-nd half 19 - the beginning of 20 centuries. Nowadays the Kuban Cossack army is restored. 

You see the some exhibits of Kuban Cossacks Museum in Howell, New Jersey, USA

The museum has been created by diligence of the Kuban cossacks, who appeared on foreign land, and for many decades keep the rescued regalias of the Kuban Cossack Army.
The address of a museum:
New Jersey, Howell
Kuban Cossacks Museum
49 East 3rd Street
Howell NJ 07731
Phone 732367-0088
But recently many from regalias of the Kuban Cossack Army have been returned to the historical native land, to Krasnodar.

regalia of the Kuban Cossack Army it has been returned to Krasnodar regalia of the Kuban Cossack Army it has been returned to Krasnodar


Krasnodar Orthodox Churches:
St. George Church of the Krasnodar

St. Catherine Cathedral Church of the Krasnodar

Temple of Christmas of the Christ

Female monastery of an icon of Mother of God "All-Tsarina"

Krasnodar is the Native land of the Kuban Cossack Chorus. On the 14th of October, 1811 Archpriest Kyril Rossinskiy organized the Kuban Cossack Chorus. In the Kuban Cossack Chorus make traditional songs and dancing folklore is used. All activity of the State academic Kuban Cossack chorus promotes revival and development of a rich cultural heritage of our ancestors, spiritual and patriotic education of the population.

The poster of the Kuban Chorus, concert in the Kremlin The soloist of the Kuban Cossack Chorus The soloist of the Kuban Cossack Chorus


My son and my husband are hot fans of football. Therefore I can mention here that Krasnodar is the Native land of a soccer team Kuban and soccer team Krasnodar.

Krasnodar is a scientific center too. Here there are more than 20 universities . So it could be called student city too. Krasnodar have a 30 museums, 8 concert halls, circus and a symphonic orchestra. Here you can see a website of Krasnodar historical-archeologic museum.

Krasnodar is one of the largest industrial centers of the south of Russia : more than 150 large and small industrial enterprises are located here.

Krasnodar is a large transport unit of the south of Russia . Its territory is crossed with railways of four directions, motorways, and from the city airport direct flights to Austria (with Austrian Airlines) and to Italy are carried out.


from Moscow :
from Rostov-on-Don:
from Black Sea coast:

1.5 thousand km;
270 km;
110 km

Monument to Ekaterina Great Theatre of Dolls
Pushkin's area Monument to Cossacks
Regional Historical Museum Cinema
Monument to Liberators of Krasnodar from fascists
Monument to George Ponamarenko

More photos of Krasnodar