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Cattery of Exotic Shorthair cats
CFA & FIFe registered and PKD-DNA tested

About us


Welcome to my site. My name is Svetlana, and Ruslana is my CFA registered cattery, specializing in the bicolor, tabby, including silver tabby Exotics. I am located in sunny city Krasnodar, Russia. It's the southern city near the Caucasus, Azov and Black seas.

I'm 55 years old. I have a small united family. This is my husband Alexander, our son Roman (32 years old) and our granddaughter Alisa (8 years old). Now the family of my son live in separate apartment. Also we have the chihuahua's dogs are a Flea and Pepper as pets. I've lived with cats my entire life. The breeding of cats is my hobby which make my life more happy. I have been blessed with truly wonderful friend, who have been instrumental in the my breeding program. I couldn't have done this without love and encouragement of my husband!

I'm breeding Exotic Shorthair cats since 1998 year. All our cats or their parents have been DNA tested for PKD with the University of California, Davis! First I have registered and showed my cats with FIFe only. My first CFA show occured on the 8th of October 2005 and I have been recruited! CFA let us share special moments with our animals to sharing our passion for our hobby with others. And it is cause me to love what I do. I shall always remember with deep feelings of gratitude the all my friends-breeders. I have not forgotten those happy times we had, and I sincerely hope that we shall meet again in cat's shows.

At this moment we produced 12 GRAND CHAMPIONS of CFA are GC RUSLANA's Martin of SPELLBOUND, GC RUSLANA's Bogdan of FULLBLOOM, GC RUSLANA's Winter Sky, GC RUSLANA's Long-Awaited Sweet, GC RUSLANA's Coquette of DEGA-BULU, GC RUSLANA's Blueberry Muffin, GC Ruslana's Arabesque of PSYMIS, GC Ruslana's Bumblebee of ANNA-EX, GC Ruslana's Maximus, GC RUSLANA's Autumn Sunset, GC DW RUSLANA's Casper of NESSLAVAN, GC RUSLANA's Dasha; one EUROPEAN CHAMPION of FIFe is EC SHIN-FLEIN's Lainel and 3 Supreme GC of TICA are RW SGC RUSLANA's Homer of ZENDIQUE, IW SGC RUSLANA's Nostalgia of Sunrise Fold and RW SGCA Ruslana's Sunbeam of Rivabell. RUSLANA's Homer of ZENDIQUE and Ruslana's Sunbeam of Rivabell are our Regional Winners of TICA. Also RUSLANA's Nostalgia of Sunrise Fold our first International Winner of TICA. Our RW Ruslana's Tiger Lily of Sherezada became the TICA REGIONAL WINNER in kitten class. GC RUSLANA's Casper of NESSLAVAN became the CFA DIVISIONAL WINNER as follows: BEST CAT OF THE ISRAEL. Our GC RUSLANA's Autumn Sunset became Distinguished Merit (DM). Thank you to all owners and judges who made this possible!

Our cats live in our house and have 2 their own rooms to be safe and free. Our cattery is fully air conditioned, so as to keep the cats cool during summer and warm during winter. We strive to produce healthy, happier, well-socialized kittens, raised in a loving environment. And we do not breed much kittens, since we feel that quality is more important than quantity... so take a look from time to time on our available-page to see if we have kittens... If you have any questions, I'll be happy to answer them.

We are combining the best Persian and Exotic lines. We work with the bloodlines of such catteries as: DESMIN, DEGA-BULU, CATILLAK, CANDIRAND, SYBARIT, KUORII & LATIN LOVER, PROFECII, MINT HILL, JOLEIGH, RED SKY and other well-known catteries. I hope you will enjoy your visit and will come back again!
Thank you, Svetlana

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